SOS Barnbyar (SOS Children's Villages)


SOS Barnbyar is a charity organization that provides children from around the world with stable home environments, enabling them to grow and fulfill their potential. However, in Sweden, many members of the target demographic (age: 20-35, urban, international) felt disconnected with this work. 

To understand the friction points in their lives we went to the streets to discover the opinions this audience had on charitable giving. Although there was a wide range of thoughts and problems, we noticed a common connection to the concept of ‘home’ along with a widely shared frustration with the metro system.


• The Insight and Experience •


After many rounds of prototyping and concept iterations, we conceptualized a service that could help the target navigate the metro system, conceptually connect their home as a destination to the homes of the SOS villages and make the act of donation a simple add-on to a present behavior. 


Next Stop Home is a platform designed in collaboration with SL Metro Authority that replaces the physical metro card while providing value and a relationship with a great charity. 

thumbnail_09 copy.png

Features that allow the user to be more time efficient with the metro system are combined with an easy way to add donations to every card recharge. Next Stop Home allows SOS Barnbyar to connect with their audience daily and long term.