Our body is constantly producing information and by learning how to collect and to monitor these information we will be creating health data that enable us to understand how our body behaves. And everything that can be measured can be monitored. Monitoring the cortisol level, managing the stress and avoiding overtraining for athletes.

During a innovation program in Israel, TIP (Transdisciplinary Innovation Program) at the Hebrew University, me and my group started to study a new technology to measure cortisol levels in a more simple and fast way. But more important, being able to constantly measure cortisol, we can management the stress level and give a series of  feedbacks  and tips on how to have a better life.  


By the technology we have developed, the reaction of a specific enzyme to the saliva could with accepted precision measure the cortisol levels.

Cortisol is directly connected to stress (physical and psychological) and having this kind of information would empower us to give suggestions, like exercise tweaks or dietary adjustments.  


Of course, having the test technology wasn't enough. We needed to build a experience to incentive people to use the product in a daily basis.  

After running some workshops and user tests we defined some basic objectives being the main one, not disturb the user routine. We didn't want to create a new activity in their routine, so we decided to hack one.

We created a toothbrush sticker that should be placed on the toothbrush right after brushing the teeth. The sticker moist means enough saliva was collected. 


The results are then analysed in the system, providing a series of feedback and suggestions to the user. Focusing the suggestions in four different areas: Diet, Food, Exercise and sleep.
The platform would be simple as an exercise app and provide information that could be used during the day to improve the life quality of the user.     


The toothbrush should right after the saliva collection be placed on the SensorMe Toothbrush Holder.

The holder is actually a mini lab. Equipped with a ultraviolet light to sterilize the used toothbrush and a complex hardware system that measure the cortisol levels in the saliva sending the results to the cloud.


3 billion people have diseases that can be avoided with subclinical monitoring. Early stage pre clinical, with at-home lab test, is the future of medicine. For now we are focusing in avoid athletes overtraining but the applications are endless.