Señores - 2014


Endeavor, the pioneering organization accelerating high-impact entrepreneurship in growing markets around the world, was launching their first report of the most entrepreneur capitals in Brazil. With low budget and knowing we like to work with challenging briefs, they contacted us to come up with a creative and alternative idea to release such relevant report.

As the report already compared one city to another, presenting complex and extensive data, we immediately associated with Top Trumps card game. We extract the most relevant data, divided in seven categories, and created an engaging and ludic Super City card game of the Brazilian capitals.


From top to bottom, categories on the cards are: Time needed to open a business, Real estate price per square meter, GDP, Per capita savings, Patent filings, Population with college education, Population with entrepreneurship skills.


We sent the game to Brazil’s top influencers and created a digital version to be played in Facebook and Twitter.
Here the idea was to start it by asking Brazilian top entrepreneurs to post their city cards and challenge their counterparts from other cities.


The project was a huge success and had a lot of media coverage, but one of the most interesting outcomes for us was that schools and universities started to request the game to use in classes. Endeavor produced 200 more card sets to distribute among them.