Natura (N°1 cosmetics brand in Brazil)


SalveTribal - 2016


Natura is known as a female brand and this was their first campaign focused only on men. Until then, Natura only advertised to women.

They wanted to celebrate what be a man means, but without being chauvinistic. Traditional media were not working so they came to us to create a digital campaign that could tell a story and more important interact with the public in a meaningful and inspiring way.

We decided to celebrate each man's unique journey. With the insight that each person has a different journey made by their life’s choices, we invited Daniel, Marcelo and Alan to share their own stories while an artist created a beautiful canvas representing their life’s journey. In the end, we invited the public to design their journeys on the campaign website, by answering some simple and quick questions they got their unique artistic canvas representing their journey and choices in life.


The public response was so good that Natura decided SalveTribal would be their only digital agency. Becoming the biggest and most important client inside the agency.