I spent 6 months in Israel doing an immersion in innovation and in the start-up culture. In this period I had the opportunity of collaborating with some very interesting start-ups. One of them was Timing Tech, an optimization platform that predicts with great accuracy the time of arrival of service providers.

They were ready to expand to Europe and US and needed to redesign their platforms and create a much friendly user experience. The platform consisted of a Dashboard for the company, an app for the technician and a web app for the customer.




With the dashboard the company can instantly follow all the technicians, keep on track the performance and solve any potential problem. 


• APP •


The app had to be very intuitive to the technicians. He has to see his schedule and route as simples as possible. I decided to build different layers instead of pages, with minimum buttons and using as reference a common mobile tool for the technician, emails.



For the customer web app, we needed a catchy design highlighting the time of the service provider arrival. Based in workshops I developed with customers, we decided to have a more colourful design with minimum options and a big focus on the technician estimated time of arrival.